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UNITY MURAL! Anti-Bully Project
FLOWER POWER! Floral Theme
IMAGINE THAT! Fantasy and Dreams
INTO THE OCEAN! Underwater and Beach
PICTURE YOUR ABC's - Words and Art
READ ME A PICTURE! Art Inspires Literacy
GO TEAM GO! Sportsmanship
GO GREEN! Respect the Environment

"It was so nice to have your positive and calm energies in our school. Everyone who sees the mural is just blown away." -- Amy Lopez, art teacher, Saw Mill Road, North Bellmore

 “Anyone who lays eyes on the colorful painting is “reminded to be kind.” — fourth grader, Riley Avenue ES, Riverhead

“We made the mural to show kids not to bully. The mural shows kids playing together. After the bullies look at the mural they will think what they are doing is wrong.” —  fourth grade student, Aqueboque ES, Riverhead

“This mural showed me true teamwork. It showed me that together we can achieve more. This mural is a new beginning in Aqueboque, and I hope it will live on forever.” — fourth grade student, Aqueboque  ES, Riverhead

"I learned to PAINT WITH MY HEART not my head!" -- third grade student, Southbay ES, West Babylon

“The mural looks AMAZING. The kids LOVE walking through the hallway and commenting 'I painted that.'.  We are all sooooo happy we were able to bring you in to do this BEAUTIFUL project with our students.“  --Beth Sher, AIE, Otsego ES

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The Process: Children and Teens Create with Us

Under the direction of Joyce Raimondo, students work together to brainstorm ideas for their mural. Joyce Raimondo then incorporates students' ideas into a professionally designed mural.

Children work together to paint their mural.

Murals can be painted directly on wall or panels or canvas.

Ask about Unity Murals - Every student in school participates - up to 700 students!

Foster empathy.

100% teamwork!

Character words come to life. Photo by Michael Heller

Illustrate diversity.

Encourage good choices.

Bring joy to your school hallway.

"The mural looks fantastic! You really did a great job! “ -- Alex Muzek, Art Teacher, Levy- Lakeside ES, Merrick

“The mural came out great and the children love it! “ — Rebecca Morgan, Project Most Director, John M. Marshall ES, East Hampton

“What’s most important to me about this mural is the message that’s on it. The students really took to heart the meaning of it, which is all about kindness and love and respect.” — Nancy Carney, Riverhead Superintendent 

“I think the fact that the children still come in here and talk about the mural and look at it and want to live by the words up there, I think that’s inspiring. You can’t not love it,” — Melissa Haupt, Art Teacher, Riley Avenue ES, Riverhead


For Your Home: Bedrooms, Playrooms, Baby Nurseries

Joyce Raimondo works with you and your children to create a mural tailored to your vision. First choose a theme for your mural (topics listed on sidebar). The project begins as Raimondo works with your children to create whimsical collages to generate ideas for their mural. Raimondo then incorporates your family's ideas into a professionally designed mural. Additionally, families may choose to have children assist with aspects of painting the mural for their creative enjoyment.

Schools and Public Institutions

UNITY MURALS! Anti-Bully Project
The Imagine That mural team, directed by Joyce Raimondo, paints with students to create an uplifting character education mural tailored to your school. The mural illustrates your school slogan, character words, colors, and mascot. Input for the mural sketch from the principal, PTA, and teachers is welcomed. Workshops in which students generate images for the mural design are also available. The Imagine That! mural team folds into the art teacher's schedule of classes to paint the wall mural with every student in your school participating. Or, choose one or two grades to paint the mural. The program serves as an inspiring and unifying project that lasts for years to come.

Transform your wall.

Inspire teamwork through art.

Illustrate your school's character edcuation motto. Lawrence Middle School, 2013, 9 x 15 '

Elementary Schools

John Marshall ES, East Hampton, 2017

John Marshall ES, East Hampton, 2017 (detail)

Aqueboque ES, 2017

Aqueboque ES, 2017 (detail - right)

Aqueboque ES, 2017 (detail - left)

Bowling Green ES, 2017

Bowling Green ES , 2017 (detail)

Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, 2017 (detail - left)

Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, 2017 (detail - right)

Plaza ES, 2016

Sawmill ES, 2017 - Keith Harring inspired mural

Sawmill ES, 2017 - Keith Harring inspired mural (detail)

Sawmill ES, 2017 - Keith Harring inspired mural (detail)

Sawmill ES, 2016

Sawmill ES, 2016, (detail)

Sawmill ES, 2016, (detail)

Sawmill ES, 2016, (detail)

John Marshall ES, East Hampton, 2016

Accompsett ES, Smithtown 2016

Accompsett ES, Smithtown 2016 (detail)

Southbay ES, West Babylon, 2015

Southbay ES, West Babylon, 2015

Levy-Lakeside ES, Merrick, 2015

John M. Marshall ES, East Hampton, 2015

Riley Avenue ES, Calverton, NY 2015

Otsego Elementary School, Deer Park, 2014

Paumanok Elementary School, Deer Park, 2014

Signal Hill, Deer Park, 2014

Signal Hill, Deer Park, 2014

Sunquam ES, Deer Park, 2014

Vanderbilt ES, Deer Park, 2014

Accomsett Elementary School, Smithtown, 2014

Aqueboque Elementary School, 2014

High Schools and Middle School

Bridghampton School, 2013

Lindenhurst MS, 2017, (Warhol Interpretation)

Lindehurst MS, 2016 (Picasso Interpretation)

Lindehurst MS, 2016 (Picasso Interpretation)

Westbury High School, 2015 (on canvas, to be installed)

Westbury High School, 2015 (detail, left side)

Westbury High School, 2015 (detail, right side)

Riverhead High School, 2014

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